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Before the real fun begins. I would like to show you their site. This may provide some useful information pertaining to the company and their games.

Blizzard’s Official Site– This is their site that covers all of  their games

Their 3 main games are:

1) World of Warcraft– Is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that consists of millions of players. It is the most played online game off all time and still is today.

2) Starcraft– Is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) Which means you control a vast army of soldiers and command them to advance to the enemy territory to conquer it. The setting for this game is in the future and tests the players strategic mind.

3)  Diablo– Is a Action MMORPG. Which means you play as looking at a character you control at from an angle in the sky. You use what people call Hack and Slash tactics to plan through the game. Hack and Slash is pretty much like someone clicking away at a monster using a combination of mouse clicks and keboard buttons.


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