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Finish Him!

Couple of days ago, X-Play (a gaming show) showed a preview of Diablo 3‘s new pvp system. It’s basically like world of warcraft with point and click dynamics. Not able to provide the direct video, but here is another vid that’s showing the same thing basically.

In this video, the player is clearly the sorcerer. Unlike WoW, the fight style is alot more faster and hectic. You can die in just a few seconds opposed to WoW’s Pvp. Considering how diablo 2’s pvp was this is a major improvement and something i am most definitly looking forward too. Want to get a taste something liek diablo? There’s a game out called Torchlight. It was made by some of the old developers after blizzard north broke up. This company is currently working on a Torchlight 2 and will feature a multiplayer system just like diablo. Check it out if you’re interested!


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