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Are video games bad for kids?

Recently I had heard that fox news was shooting down video games. Bulletstorm was their target this time. They were calling this one of the most violent video games that will ever be released. Sure it’s bloody and you score points for killing people in creative ways, but it doesn’t have the power to control people. Ignorent people have blamed video games for  rapes, shooting, robberies and murder. What they actually don’t know is when a child is involved in a violent crime it is usally because the child is mentally unstable. Every child plays video games but you don’t see them reaking havoc do you? 

 Heres some facts you probably don’t know about the possive effects on kids:

-Helps them follow instructions

-Allows them to solve problems and use logic in many situations

-Improves the childs hand eye coordination and motor skills

What we probably see in this day and age is children playing shooting games. Even though their violent, they do help them improve their hand eye coordination drastically. When a player is trying to take down another player. You have to estimate the distance between you and him and try to outmanuver and outgun the other player. This can be done by simply shooting or using other means too.  This increases the childs awareness and judgement. There are plenty of articles about this issue. Do you think video games are bad?


One response

  1. Video games themselves aren’t bad. It’s just that some video games are not for kids.
    What I think that needs to be done is for parents to either monitor what their kids play or sit down an explain the difference between reality and fantasy. (which should apply to TV too.)

    February 20, 2011 at 1:04 am

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