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Want tips from a Pro?

A friend of mine has a stream at twitch.tv for World of Warcraft. Even if you’re just a casual gamer and just want to know information about new raids or upcoming patches, this is the guy you want to talk to. His character is known as Brotatoe and he’s guild master of “GOOGLE ME.” His character is a hunter and he plays on the khadgar server; alliance side and which i’m also a part of. Our guild is in the top 10 on the server and they raid every week. Check out Brotatoe’s Stream here!



My Creation Theory for World Mythology

For my World Mythology class at Full Sail University,  I had to make up a creation theory. Keep in mind this is completely make believe 😉  Let me know what you all think!


In the beginning there was darkness, and in that darkness marveled a bright and glowing being known as The One. (Supreme Being: The One is the one that crafted the universe) For thousands of years, The One wondered in the darkness searching for his purpose. Tired from all the searching, The One closed his eyes and started to contemplate the meaning of his life. As he was floating through the darkness, he realized that something was missing in his life, light. Grasping that he had plenty of light to share, The One took pieces of his light and dispersed them throughout the darkness, calling them stars. Satisfied with his work, he floated around for a while studying what he had done.

Once again, The One began to feel like something was missing. Like last time, he closed his eyes and let himself just drift. He opened his eyes and understood that he didn’t have anyone to talk to and to appreciate his work! He closed his eyes once more and tried to imagine the brightest and most striking thing conceivable. The One thought so hard that he was enfeebled and lost consciousness. When he awoke, he saw precisely what he had imagined. What he had created was so bright, that it made his stars almost vanish. To fix this, he took what he had created and extinguished it’s light. After, he began to roll it in a ball with his hands. He then began dispersing each ball he fashioned throughout the darkness, making sure each ball was correctly lit.

The One recognized his work was done and decided to create his successor. He knew who ever took his place had to be compassionate, pardoning and supporting. He summoned up every last grain of strength he had left and produced Terra. Understanding that his work was done, he extinguished his light and fell into an everlasting slumber. (Generations After: Terra was The One’s successor and became in charge of creating the rest of the universe and creating life from what The One created) Terra began looking at what her father had created. After a few thousand years of wondering around, she began to grow unhappy. Terra sat down on one of her father’s formations and started weeping.  She cried so much that her tears began to cover the ground where she sat. Terra bawled herself to sleep and had a terrible nightmare. It was about tiny beings that were swarming all over her and calling her mother. When she awoke the tiny beings were gripping on to her for dear life. It appeared that her tears had washed off tiny beings on her figure and they were holding onto her for dear life so they wouldn’t drown. (Birth: When Terra cried herself to sleep, her tears washed off tiny creatures, this created the creatures of Terra)

When Terra saw the creatures, she immediately fell in love with them. Being that she covered what she called Terra with her tears, the tiny creatures didn’t have anywhere to go.  She felt pity for them and with her last ounce of strength she split her body apart into several large pieces of land and scattered them throughout Terra. (Diver’s Myth: Terra felt sorry for what she had done to the tiny creatures of Terra, So she split herself into several pieces of land for them to live on)  For a few hundred years, life was peaceful. The creatures lived in harmony and worked together to make life enjoyable. But over time, the creatures forgot about Terra sacrificing her body for them to live on.  As the creatures multiplied, so did their beliefs. They broke off into what they called “Clans” and started warring with each other. Land was burned and life was taken. Terra will never be the same again. (Loss of Innocence: After Terra gave herself to the creatures of Terra, life was calm. But over time the creatures lost their faith with Terra and began to war, murder and burn)

What DarkSporeBlog will be about

Before Darkspore comes out, i wanted to let everyone to know what it’s going to be about. If you managd to stumble upon my… i mean that youtube channel you will notice a few character editing videos along with some gameplay and cutscene videos. When it officially comes out i will probably be making a few montages, reviews, and maybe some tutorial as well.

Media that matters

Since i’m supposed to do a reflection on the conference, here it is. We listened to 3 different panals and each of them had certain directors and speakers. My favorite set was probably the last group. They we’re people who did talk shows. They showed pieces on behalf of what they do and how they expressed themselves in it is what caught my attention. Alot of the panalists were rather boring to listen to and i felt like they we’re just reading a powerpoint. But the radio guys included stuff about their personal life and how they use what they’ve went through in the past in their show.

Release Date

There has been alot debate over the number of years to when will the game be released. Blizzard mentioned about a year or so ago about how the release dates may go. Starcraft 2 was to be the first thing, then World of warcraft’s expansion, Cataclysm. After cataclysm came out, it became obvious. Blizzard currentlly doesn’t have any new games coming out anytime soon aside from Diablo and their secret MMO in development. But no one knows anything about it yet. So it’s only logical that Diablo 3 will be released probably around the third quarter of this year. It was also noted that a beta test will probably take place 6 months before the release date. But that’s probably just a rumor.

Finish Him!

Couple of days ago, X-Play (a gaming show) showed a preview of Diablo 3‘s new pvp system. It’s basically like world of warcraft with point and click dynamics. Not able to provide the direct video, but here is another vid that’s showing the same thing basically.

In this video, the player is clearly the sorcerer. Unlike WoW, the fight style is alot more faster and hectic. You can die in just a few seconds opposed to WoW’s Pvp. Considering how diablo 2’s pvp was this is a major improvement and something i am most definitly looking forward too. Want to get a taste something liek diablo? There’s a game out called Torchlight. It was made by some of the old developers after blizzard north broke up. This company is currently working on a Torchlight 2 and will feature a multiplayer system just like diablo. Check it out if you’re interested!