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Monthly Subscriptions?

   Many of today’s games usually come at a hefty price. If you were to play a game through Xbox Live, you would have to have a subscription with them. Plus you have to pay for the game which usually runs about 60 bucks and additional content that will probably be released over the course of the next couple of months. It can actually get pretty expensive.Same thing goes for playing PC games. You buy the game which might require some subscriptions as well. Many people don’t like the fact of havin to buy additional stuff just to play a game they have already payed for. On the other side, you can argue that it’s good to have a pay to play feature. Xbox live needs money to help keep their business and servers up. Same thing can be said for an online game on the computer. Role playing games usually have servers in which large numbers of people can pay on all at once. To have these servers up 24/7 cost a grest deal of money. That’s just one thing that costs them money. Some people think with all the money they make from selling the game and such, they should have more than enough to allow online for free. What do you all think about companies that have games that have been round for a while like Blizzard. Should companies make you pay to play? If so, should the cost be reduced? The average online MMORPG costs about 12-15 bucks a month.

6 Pay to Play Games off the top of my head:                                                    

 –World of Warcraft                                                                                                               

Dc Universe                                                                                                                               

Final Fantasy (Xbox Version require ADDITIONAL subscription)                 

Star Trek                                                                                                                                 –



6 Free to Play games off the top of my head:

-Playstation Network/Games

Wii games

Facebook/Game sites

Mario Kart!


 -Many popular console games such as call of duty are free to play on the computer


Beginners meet links, links meet Beginners.

Before the real fun begins. I would like to show you their site. This may provide some useful information pertaining to the company and their games.

Blizzard’s Official Site– This is their site that covers all of  their games

Their 3 main games are:

1) World of Warcraft– Is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that consists of millions of players. It is the most played online game off all time and still is today.

2) Starcraft– Is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) Which means you control a vast army of soldiers and command them to advance to the enemy territory to conquer it. The setting for this game is in the future and tests the players strategic mind.

3)  Diablo– Is a Action MMORPG. Which means you play as looking at a character you control at from an angle in the sky. You use what people call Hack and Slash tactics to plan through the game. Hack and Slash is pretty much like someone clicking away at a monster using a combination of mouse clicks and keboard buttons.