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Favorite Class: Witch Doctor

Earlier in the life of this blog i had talked about all the classes listed in diablo 3. Wanted to point out that the Witch Doctor is probably my favorite class. The reason for this is because back when i played Diablo 3, one of my favorite characters to play was the necromancer.Not just any necro, but a summoner necromancer. All i had to do was summon my army and nothing stood in my way.


Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3

A while back i talked about how Torchlight did well when it went to console here. Torchlight is almost exactly like Diablo 3 except for it doesn’t have multiplayer. Although, when Torchlight 2 comes out there will be. It’s made by some of the old developers from Blizzard North. There are a million items you can gather and you can explore countless numbers of dungeons.  Darkspore is another MMORPG that i would highly recommend. If you have ever played the game Spore, think of how you can make monsters and throw in a little hack and slash and that’s Darkspore. Darkspore comes out the 26th of April and i will be trying to make a blog about it here. Obviously if you click on it its going to take you to a BLAH page. I’ll update it as soon as it comes out. I have tons of beta footage recorded and i didn’t want to get in trouble showing it. But there’s a youtube channel that coincidently has my webpage as a username. You can check that out here 😉

Finish Him!

Couple of days ago, X-Play (a gaming show) showed a preview of Diablo 3‘s new pvp system. It’s basically like world of warcraft with point and click dynamics. Not able to provide the direct video, but here is another vid that’s showing the same thing basically.

In this video, the player is clearly the sorcerer. Unlike WoW, the fight style is alot more faster and hectic. You can die in just a few seconds opposed to WoW’s Pvp. Considering how diablo 2’s pvp was this is a major improvement and something i am most definitly looking forward too. Want to get a taste something liek diablo? There’s a game out called Torchlight. It was made by some of the old developers after blizzard north broke up. This company is currently working on a Torchlight 2 and will feature a multiplayer system just like diablo. Check it out if you’re interested!